Advance the Healing Ministry and Mission of Catholic
Health Care!

Catholic Health Care organizations are unique in several ways. Because their purpose is based on Christ's healing ministry and the Catholic social traditions, their mission is often more specific than that of other health care organizations.

Catholic health care organizations are committed to benefiting their community and serving the poor and underserved.

Even from a business standpoint, Catholic health organizations are different. In addition to the usual business requirements, these health care providers partner with and are accountable to their sponsors.

The foundation for effective leadership in a Catholic health care organization requires a combination of business acumen and an understanding of Catholic theology. In response to this need, Saint Joseph's College of Maine offers a Catholic Health Leadership concentration for the Master of Health Administration degree.

This specialization is specifically designed for health care administrators and department managers working in Catholic health organizations. The program combines the cornerstones of health care administration with a theological perspective, providing a solid foundation for successful leadership in these organizations. Graduates will be able to navigate the complex business of health care, while maintaining the Catholic social and healing traditions. Students may also choose the 18-credit graduate certificate in Catholic health care leadership, consisting of six courses.

Specialized program includes curriculum for managers and supervisors in Catholic health care organizations. Here is an example of the value added:

"Catholic health care organizations have a long tradition of improving the health of the communities where they are located. As a ministry of the Church, and as a unique industry, Catholic health care is called to bring diverse groups together to further compassionate, mission-based service that benefits the common good with a focus to those most in need. As one of the largest Catholic long-term care providers in the United States, the Benedictine Health System recognizes the importance of developing quality, mission-driven leadership to meet current needs and those anticipated in the future. The Catholic Health Care Leadership Program at the College of St. Joseph in Maine will prepare committed leaders who are knowledgeable about the special nature and characteristics of Catholic health care."

Becky Urbanski, Senior Vice President, Mission & Community Affairs
Steven E. Chies, Senior Vice President, Long Term Care Operations
Benedictine Health System