Certificate of Advanced Grad Study

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study - Interdisciplinary

Required Credits: 18


The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS): Interdisciplinary Studies is an innovative post-graduate certificate that allows students to take courses outside of their profession and degree area. By completing the program, graduates will be noted for their depth of knowledge and their commitment to learning beyond the master's degree.

This is for the student who already holds a Master's degree and wishes to further their studies. Some career tracks recognize the CAG for compensation rewards beyond the Master's degree. This certificate allows for students to self design their learning.

Students can choose any combination from the courses listed as this is an interdisciplinary program. The Saint Joseph's College of Maine Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study: Interdisciplinary Studies will utilize selected courses from the graduate disciplines in Health Care Administration, Nursing, Education, Theology, and Business Administration. The CAGS-Interdisciplinary must combine courses in at least three of the Saint Joseph's College graduate disciplines.

Program Details

A student in the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study: Interdisciplinary Studies (CAGS-Interdisciplinary) must take five courses from the list of approved Saint Joseph's College courses - please see the catalog. Those five courses must be spread across at least three of the following graduate disciplines:

  • Education
  • Health Administration
  • Leadership MBA
  • Nursing
  • Theology

After the five courses have been successfully completed, the final required course is the capstone:

  • CAG 600 Interdisciplinary Capstone
    This CAGS-Interdisciplinary Capstone thesis demonstrates the student's ability to integrate concepts from the courses taken in this Interdisciplinary Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study. The interdisciplinary thesis is not merely a report but instead reflects critical thinking and original analysis.

Students must hold a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution. No transfer credits can be accepted into the program. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and all 6 courses (18 credits) must be taken at Saint Joseph's College as part of this certificate program.

CAGS Benefits

Dan Cohnstaedt

Finally you are allowed to take courses outside of your profession and degree area. You get to choose the courses that interest you. This is a self-designed, interdisciplinary graduate certificate. With the CAGS - Interdisciplinary, you are truly in charge of your learning. You will pick from over 70 courses from the disciplines at the Online Division of Saint Joseph's College..

Dan Cohnstaedt, Principal of Calais High School in Calais, Maine, completed the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study - Interdisciplinary. He is a strong advocate for this program, "It's nice to learn different things and be challenged in different ways." Dan completed courses in Nursing, Theology, and Education.

Think of the possibilities! Here is your chance to take courses like:

There are dozens and dozens of other courses and combinations possible to best align with your specific interests.


Tuition for each course is at the rate of the specific discipline, i.e. nursing course are at the tuition level for the MSN, theology courses are at the tuition level for the MAT, etc. Tuition for course CAG 600 Interdisciplinary Capstone course is at the Master of Science in Education rate. For details on current rates, visit the tuition page of our website.