Health Administration Faculty

Lisa Ahern
Ph.D. Sports Management candidate,
United States Sports Academy
M.S., Ithaca College
B.S., Plymouth State College

Erane Allen
M.P.A., State University of New York
B.A., University of Detroit

Cecily (CC) Andrews
MA, University of Maryland - Baltimore County
BA, Oberlin College

Jonathan Boyar
MBA, University of Nevada, Los Vegas
BS, University of Nevada, Los Vegas

Scott N. Campbell
M.S., University of Oregon
B.S., University of Oregon

Charles Carrozza
Masters in Accountancy, Bentley College
B.S., Northeastern University

Steven E. Chies
M.S., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
B.S., University of Minnesota

Valerie J. Connor
M.A., University of Northern Iowa

Janet B. Douglass
D.N.Sc., Boston University
M.S., Boston College
B.S., St. Anselm College
R.N., School of Nursing,
Lawrence General Hospital

Philip DuBois
M.S., California College for Health Sciences
Bachelor of Religious Education,
William Tyndale College

Donnelle I. Eargle
Ph.D., University of Arizona
M.Ed., University of Georgia
B.A., Winthrop College

Colleen M. Halupa
Ed.D., University of West Florida
M.S., Central Michigan University
B.S., Southern Illinois University
A.S., Community College of the Air Force

Kevin (Michael) Harrington
M.S.H.A., California College for Health Sciences
B.S., La Salle College

Michael Jacobs
MBA, La Salle University
BS, Eastern College

Rebecca A. Janssen
M.A., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
B.A., Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Michelle Knighton
M.B.A. Stephens College
B.S., Indiana University

Robert Lane
M.A. University of Oklahoma
B.S., University of Kansas

John Lemire
M.B.A., Thomas College
B.S., Worcester College

Marrie Maher
DHA, Capella University (pending 2015)
MEd, Central Michigan University

Walter L. Markowitz
Ed.D., Dowling College
M.P.A., Bernard Baruch College
B.A., Queens College

Laurence F. Messner
M.B.A., Syracuse University
B.S., Syracuse University

Michael Mileski
MPH, Kaplan University
MSEd, Kaplan University

Terri Morris-Nichols
M.S., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
B.S., Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Kimberly L. Perry
Ed.D., University of Phoenix
MSEd, Virginia Tech
B.S., Virginia Tech

John R. Pratt
M.H.A., University of Michigan
B.S., University of Vermont

Stephen L. Priest
M.S., University of Rhode Island
B.S., University of Massachusetts

Brenda M. Rice
M.H.A., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
B.S.H.C.A., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
Certificate in Radiology, Mercy Hospital School of Radiologic Technology

Randy Roffers
M.B.A., University of Redlands
B.S., National University

Tammy Rolfe
M.H.P.M., University of Southern Maine
B.S., North Adams State College

Alice A. Rose
Ph.D., Pacifica Graduate Institute
J.D., University of Maine
M.S., University of Southern Maine
B.A., University of Southern Maine

Margaret E. Stone
Ph.D., University of Missouri
M.P.H., University of Minnesota
M.S.W., University of Connecticut
B.A., University of Kansas

Karen Teufer
MS, College of St. Scholastica
BSHIM, College of St. Scholastica

Rebecca A. Urbanski
Ed.D., University of Minnesota
M.A., College of St. Scholastica
B.A., College of St. Scholastica

Daniel Wasneechak
MHA, Baylor University
MSN, University of Rhode Island

Twila Weiszbrod
D.B.A., Northcentral University
M.P.A., California State University, Fresno
B.S., Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Jimmy Williamson
Ph.D., University of South Carolina
M.S.Ed., Winthrop University
B.S., Winthrop University

Jon R. Zemans
M.B.A., University of Chicago
B.S., University of Illinois

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