Message from the Director - Online Graduate Business Programs

Greetings and welcome to the online business program of Saint Joseph's College of Maine

These online business programs reflect our commitment to maintain small class sizes and to provide you with highly individualized attention from your facilitators who will ensure that your cyber education is of a high quality.

Nancy Kristiansen

In addition to a quality curriculum, you will also find the flexibility and convenience of online courses to be a very attractive option in your busy schedule. Practically all of our students work full time and many have demanding family schedules as well. Importantly, the tuition for our online degrees is very affordable - a sound investment.

We currently offer three programs that are designed to meet students' needs at important junctures in their careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program is the perfect program for those seeking to advance in business, with several choices for specialization. Job knowledge is critical in the business world, and those with a desire to succeed will always be learning. A degree in business allows you to focus on the skills required to advance in any industry.

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program takes a strategic approach to professional development that ensures students obtain maximum value from their efforts.

Each carefully crafted course reflects the attention and expertise of professionals from the field. More specifically, the challenge for designers of a program in any industry that requires standardization and certification/licensure is to ensure that the curriculum serves students wishing to advance in their profession on two levels:

  • First, by increasing your ability to apply relevant learning to current real world problems and
  • Second, by meeting your certification and licensure requirements.

Our program strives to help you accomplish both aims.

For those seeking a Master of Business Administration (MBA), our Leadership MBA will provide you with a broad foundation from which to develop your capacity to lead. I would like to encourage you to peruse the content of our website to learn more about this innovative program. The value of your efforts as you progress through the program will shine through in all of your decisions and communications beyond the classroom.

Your engagement in the Leadership MBA program begins with the submission of an introspective essay, a part of your application requirements. I will personally review your essay to reflect the highly individualized attention you can expect from all of the faculty and staff at Saint Joseph's College of Maine. If you genuinely care about making a difference and cutting through to the core of what matters most, then this program may be a good fit for you.

Please review our programs against others and I think you'll find that, all things considered, the online business programs at Saint Joseph's will deliver the results that you expect from your decision to close the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

Nancy Kristiansen
Online Business Program Director

Student and Faculty Stories - Master of Business Administration

The following viewpoints, comments and presentations are from a recent Leadership MBA information session, and provide valuable insight into the MBA program. Audio clips require Adobe Flash Player.

» See what students and faculty have to say about the Leadership M.B.A.

Excerpts from one of our live information sessions as presented by the program's founder, Dr. Gregory Gull

Introductory Remarks Organization as Context Leadership MBA Integral Program
Introductory Remarks Video Organization as Context Video
Prism Model of Leadership Q & A Session  
Prism Model of Leadership Q & A Session  

What the students are saying...

Listen...   Click to playBobbi Crimm

Bobbi Crimm

Director of Quality Initiatives, Peach State Health Plan

Listen...   Click to playChris Palmer

Chris Palmer

Quality Assurance Analyst, Tyler Technologies

Listen...   Click to playDebra Murphy

Debra Murphy

Director of Patient Access Services, North Shore Medical Center/Partners

What the faculty are saying...

Read more...Paul Larson

Paul Larson

MBA (University of Bridgeport)

"Larger global companies have been experiencing increased tension in the management ranks because while the pressure for performance has increased sharply, the actual performance has largely fallen short. I see the leadership and critical thinking emphasis approach of the LMBA curriculum as a significant stepping-stone to making up that shortfall.
The thought processes necessary to do well in this program mirror those that I looked for in my hiring decisions when I was looking for managers with the cleverness, insight, intuition, the ability to develop rapport, to outguess a competitor, the courage to act boldly, caution to make sure of things before committing, and the wisdom to know the appropriate courses to take for us to be successful in our markets."

Read more...Claudia Santin

Claudia Santin

Ed.D. (Nova Southeastern University)
MA (College of New Jersey)

"What distinguishes the LMBA from other MBA programs is the sustained effort to promote inquiry, both at the organizational and personal level. The dialogue intensive approach encourages and promotes a true learning community within each class. This approach is systemic throughout the program ensuring a consistency of exploring alternative perspectives to solving every day work challenges. As a facilitator, I am not only thankful for being a part of this dynamic program, but excited about what I will learn each time I engage in dialogue with these wonderful LMBA students."

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