Message from the Health Administration Director

Why this? Why you?

Master Health Administration

Health care administration is an amazingly gratifying career with endless possibilities!

If you have any interest in health care and you want to make a difference, this is the field for you! Every human being in the United States is directly or indirectly impacted by the health care system in one way or another.

These programs were created to equip leaders to guide the health care system into the future!

Recognizing that health care is a very important issue in this country, our courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare leaders to address the issues of access, quality and cost of health care services that currently face this nation. Our instructors are experienced health care professionals themselves, so they provide real-world context for the classroom material.

Our programs provide the foundation from which you may develop health care leadership competencies that will propel your career forward and benefit your organization. Our goal is to engage you in the course, with other students and with your instructor, yet you are able to work at your own pace. The basic format of our courses is 15 weeks, but you may accelerate your course to as little as six weeks, depending on how much time you have to devote to studying. We do not require you to be in the classroom (online) at any specific times or with any specific frequency. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of working adult learners like you.

We also offer an annual symposium of health care experts addressing the most compelling health care issues, for which you may also earn credits while only spending one week on campus.

Each of these programs may be tailored to meet your specific interests or needs.

Twila Weiszbrod
Doctor of Business Administration, Northcentral University
Master of Public Administration, California State University, Fresno
B.S. in Health Administration, Saint Joseph's College of Maine

What the faculty are saying...

Read more...Larry Messner

Larry Messner

M.B.A., Syracuse University
B.S., Syracuse University

"I have been teaching for Saint Joseph's College of Maine in their distant education program since 1990. The one thing that has impressed me the most is the quality of the professor/instructor they employ. We are not just education majors, but rather we are all professionals in our particular area of study with many years of experience in the field. Consequently, attending Saint Joseph's, unlike many other online institutions, means you are getting an education, not just a degree."

Read more...Stuart Lane

Stuart Lane

Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.S., Columbia University

"I must confess that the students are as terrific as the faculty, not only knowledgeable in their areas of health care, but insightful in their thoughts and practical in their applications!"

Read more...Barbara Plungis

Barbara Plungis

M.H.S.A., Saint Joseph's College of Maine
B.S., Saint Joseph's College of Maine

"I recommend our program at SJCME because I know from experience that it is the best around, as I am a proud Alumna of both the Bachelor and Master's Programs and have been teaching in our program for the past eight years. I know how hard it is to earn a degree while working, and I also know how caring our College is about our students. Our instructors are considered experts in their field, having worked for many years in the area of health administration that they teach and they share their life experiences with our students. There is no better way to get an education!"

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