Suzan J. Nelson
Suzan J. Nelson

Director, Online Education Program

Ed.D., Walden University

Student Teaching

For Grades 7-12
12 credits - 15 weeks in the Classroom

The ED 590P Student Teaching course (12 credits) is a 15-week professional immersion experience in a local high school near you. This course is designed to demonstrate the Student Teachers' abilities within a classroom to enhance their students' learning, through creation, selection, management, and assessment of appropriate classroom activities, as directed and supported by both a college course faculty member and a mentoring classroom teacher. Student Teachers will develop, deliver, record, and analyze lesson plans, keep a daily log and weekly reflective journal, accumulate appropriate artifacts, and periodically record their performance by video, using INTASC (Interstate New Teachers Support Consortium) core standards. Regular conferences between the student candidate, the mentoring classroom teacher, and the course faculty member will be held. The Student Teaching experience may be held in virtually any high school in the country, international schools that use American curricula, or any Department of Defense middle schools or high schools throughout the world.

This can be part of a master's degree or it can be a stand-alone course. Listed below are some of the prerequisites:

Prior to registering, the student needs to complete:

  • ED 512 Educating the Exceptional Student in the Classroom or equivalent
  • ED 523 Teaching Methods in Secondary Education or equivalent
  • Passing the following exams: Praxis I, Praxis PLT, and usually Praxis II in the content area
  • 24 credit post-secondary hours or more (depending on the state) in the content area
  • Complete background check
  • Documentation from the State where certification is being sought that all requirements other than Student Teaching have been completed
  • Three specific Letters of Reference concerning the student's ability and maturity to enter into Student Teaching
  • Successful Interview with the Director of the Master of Science in Education programs