Master of Science in Education
Suzan J. Nelson
Suzan J. Nelson

Director, Online Education Program

Ed.D., Walden University

Online Master of Science in Education Degree

Our online graduate education programs enable teachers and administrators to expand their career opportunities. The five concentrations offer various routes to becoming educators and also assist other professionals in meeting certification standards.

Required Credits: 33 & 36

Welcome to the Online Master of Science in Education Programs

  • Master's Degree in Education - School Educator: For Current Teachers to Reflect on Their Practice and Add to Their Skills. Also for Career Changers Who Desire to Transition into Education
  • Master's Degree in Education - School Leadership: For Current Educators Who Seek to be Principals or other School Leader Positions
  • Master's Degree in Education - Catholic School Leadership: For Educators who Desire the Unique Spiritual Leadership Role of a Catholic School Principal
  • Master's Degree in Education – Adult Education and Training: A Predominantly Self-Directed & Self-Focused Graduate Program for individuals interested in working with adults in a variety of fields.
  • Master's Degree in Education - Health Care Educator: For Allied Health Professionals Who Desires to Educate Staff, Patients, and/or the Public.
  • Courses for Continuing Education: All of the Master of Science in Education courses are available for continuing education and certification renewal.


  • Accredited - Saint Joseph's College has been providing quality education since 1912 and distance education for more than 30 years. Saint Joseph's College of Maine is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges.
  • Affordable - The tuition in the MSEd program is specifically designed with personal and school department budgets in mind. Affordable education for all is a founding principal of the Sisters of Mercy, sponsors of Saint Joseph's College. We are proud to bring you a reasonably priced, high quality graduate education.
  • Flexible - The flexible online format allows you to study at your own schedule, at your own pace and at your own location. Begin right now; there is no need to wait for a new semester. With monthly start dates, you are in control of your education. No on-campus residency is required though courses are available in the summer at our lakeside campus in Standish, Maine.
  • Professional - Engage in a quality learning experience personalized by professional faculty. The faculty, who have practical experience in education, work individually with you as partners in your learning. Courses blend content with your professional experience, allowing for immediate application in your work setting. Courses are available to both students seeking the desired master's degrees or those fulfilling or renewing certification requirements.

Admission Requirements

You may apply for and be granted admission at any time during the year, regardless of program choice.

For all graduate programs, applicants are required to have a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher learning accredited or accepted as accredited in the United States, with a cumulative grade point of 2.5 or better.

Students who do not meet the 2.5 cumulative grade point standard may be conditionally accepted and required to take introductory course work completed with a grade of 3.0 or better, prior to consideration of formal acceptance.

See Individual State Disclosure Statements/Requirements for more specific information.

PLT (7-12) Exam Subject Areas and Applicable M. S. in Education Courses

  1. Students as Learners
    ED512 Educating the Exceptional Student in the Classroom
    ED522 Educational Psychology
    ED550 Classroom Management for Effective Learning

  2. Instruction and Assessment
    ED505 Curriculum Design, Development and Assessment
    ED523 Teaching Methods in Secondary Education
    ED555 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques

  3. Communication Techniques
    ED515 Instructional Strategies
    ED560 Intercultural Communication and Learning

  4. Teacher Professionalism
    ED534 Community Relations and Communication
    ED570 The Reflective Educator

Note that while all these courses are applicable to the PLT, only rarely would all be necessary for passing it. For more information on alternate route certification, contact the Education program director at 800-343-5498, ext. 7995.

While entirely optional, you can take some of the courses in Saint Joseph's summer residency with classroom settings. Courses meet for three hours on weekdays, and most students accelerate their programs by taking two classes. Summer students report an excellent experience, and many return for subsequent summers.

Continuing Education Graduate Courses in Education

All courses in the Master of Science in Education programs are available as Continuing Education courses without matriculating into a degree program. Courses are available for certification renewal, contractual requirement, or professional development. Every course begins on a monthly basis. When you are ready for a graduate course in education, we are here to assist you.

Possible ideas out of the available portfolio of graduate education courses:

  • ED 512 Educating the Exceptional Student in the Classroom - meets the certification requirements of many states
  • ED 516 Standards-Based Learning and Teaching - explore performance or proficiency-based systems that promote student engagement and maximize opportunities for student-lead learning.
  • ED 523 Teaching Methods in Secondary Education - this course can apply to all content areas in 7-12 certifications
  • ED 524 Instructional Technologies and Applications – explore Web 2.0 and beyond as it applied to greater learning and inspired teaching.
  • ED 536 Educational Leadership - applies to building administrators as well as teacher-leaders
  • ED 555 Assessment Tools and Techniques - gain new assessment tools
  • ED 560 Intercultural Communications and Learning - celebrate diversity in the classroom and educational setting
  • ED 565 Negotiation and Mediation in Learning Organizations - explore peer mediation & safe-school programs
  • ED 570 The Reflective Educator - take the time to reconnect with your passion for education
  • ED 572 The Catholic School Principal as Educational and Spiritual Leader* - explore the soul of the Catholic school
  • ED 580P School Leader Internship (6 credits)* - principal or other school leader internship
  • ED 590P - Student Teaching (12 credits)* - immersion within a 7-12 classroom for 15 weeks

* Prerequisites or Permission Required