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Welcome to Saint Joseph's College of Maine Nursing Online! Saint Joseph's College of Maine online Nursing program is vivacious.

Graduate Nursing Certificates

We are excited to be able to offer these programs online with requirements for practical experiences in your home areas.

  • The nursing faculty are experts in their field doing cutting edge work around the world.
  • Our students say that our program "fits" in their lives. It fits with their being able to have flexible scheduling and NOT pay for commuting and sitter expenses.
  • Students complete practical/clinical in their home communities.
  • Our students have access to courses that offer the highest accreditation a college can receive.
  • Our courses use the Quality MattersQM peer-reviewed, evidence based curriculum design. SJC is the 1st in Maine to adopt what 365 schools nationally are using.
  • Offering learning at a distance since 1976. We have built supports that help students succeed.
  • Supports include FREE tutoring services, FREE upgrades to Microsoft 2007, financial aid information, and tuition reductions for your organization if they become our educational partner.
  • We accept MORE courses in transfer than most institutions (Diploma nurses receive 30 to 90 credits, and Associate Degree nurses can receive 65 to 90 credits, based on transcript analysis.)
  • We have a fast track MSN option for students who have achieved a 3.0 GPA

Program Director, Nursing Online

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